Reasons For Transformer Failures

A Transformer is an electric device meant for supplying power from one circuit to another without disrupting operations. Several factors cause damages and failures to the transformers. If you are unaware of the same, look below. Trutech Products, being one of the noteworthy Transformer Manufacturers in Mumbai have explained the primary determinants for transformer failures. So, let’s get into the points to know them.

  • Power Failure: Electric failure is one major cause behind transformer failure. Overvoltage conditions and line surges are the major factors that cause damage to the device and hamper the work. Therefore, you should pay attention to it and take necessary actions to avoid it.
  • Overloading Issue: Overloading the transformer beyond its limited capacity can also cause transformer failures. It increases the risk of short circuits, device failure and damage to devices and personnel working within the facility. Hence, it is recommended to invest in a system that can bear a specific voltage load in all environments and challenges.
  • Poor Installation: If the transformer is not properly installed or poorly connected, it can also fail its operations. To prevent the situation, you should better get it installed professionally by taking professional help. If all the points are well-connected, it can lead to smooth and stress-free operations of the device.

Working with a transformer requires extra care and prevention to ensure that it lasts for years and offer long-term benefits. Therefore, you should focus on all the factors to prevent transformer failures. If you are planning to invest in premium quality systems, we, being one of the Transformer Manufacturers in India, has got you covered. We have a comprehensive range of transformers to meet your distinct requirements. You can submit your enquiry or call our experts to know more.