In today’s technology-dominant world, electricity is crucial without which the world gets stumbled as it hampered the several activities. Thus, a transformer is vital to meet the need for constant power supply in several industries. Trutech Products has proved its excellence and has innovative and customized solutions to serve, being one of the most reliable Transformer Manufacturers in India.

What Is A Transformer?

A transformer is a static device and is indeed important because it is designed to transmit power from one circuit to another through electromagnetic induction without making any changes in its frequency level. It operates on an AC supply and each of its design has improved efficiency.

What Do Transformer Manufacturers Offer?

CE Marked and CE Certified Control, Step Down, Step Up, Isolation, Copper, Cast Resin, Oil Filled, Power, Lighting, Induction Furnace Transformers, AC/ DC Chokes, Chokes for VFD, Line Chokes, Rectifier, Special Purpose, Air Cooled, Oil Cooled, Variable, Variac, Dimmer Transformers, AC Power Supply, DC Power Supply etc. are some of the common transformers that we have in our catalogue to offer.

What Stand Us Apart?

If you are looking for a reliable brand to buy a Transformer in India or even abroad, you must have come to the right place, we have all types of transformers. Out of all the Power Transformer Exporters, here are a few features that stand us apart from the crowd:

  • Our focus on quality not quantity
  • Expertise, experience and excellence
  • Customized solutions as per customer requirements
  • Tech or non-tech support as required
  • Competitive market prices
  • CE certified range

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