AC Chokes Suppliers

Chokes can be explained as devices that are used to block higher-frequency in the electrical circuit while supplying current. Trutech Products are considered as masters among the leading AC Chokes Manufacturers in Pune, Mumbai India and for more than 20 years it has been demonstrating its power of innovation in this field.

Different Types Of AC Chokes:

Chokes can be classified in two divisions – AC (Alternating Current) Chokes and DC Chokes (Direct Current Chokes) and when we talk about AC Chokes, they are further divided into several categories, some of it can be noted as follows:

  • AC Reactor Choke
  • AC Line Chokes
  • Electrical AC Chokes

You can place your order of reliable chokes with us by making a call to us.

Factors That Are Missed In Other Companies

We are listed among the leading AC Line Chokes Suppliers and Exporters for several reasons that set us apart; few of them are unveiled as follows:

  • We take pleasure in exporting our products to various countries that are outside the geographical boundaries of India.
  • The products manufactured by us are known for their innovation, perfection and highest standard of quality.
  • We have a state of art manufacturing unit with a full bunch of testing and development equipments.

If you want to get yourself innovative devices that raise your industry’s production level, then you shall visit us as soon as possible. You can attain more information about the products we offer by giving us a call.